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Happy Fun Rock
December 31, 2017 – 11:43 am
Welcome to the Toy Box: The 5 wackiest items in Warcraft (guide
Text was changed from "Use: Throw rock to a friendly target..." to "Use: Throw rock to a friendly player..."

Comment by BurningStick

Warning: Do NOT throw this to a player if they have no free back space, i repeat: Do not throw it!
As Cashewboy has pointed out, it will be destroyed

Comment by Keydar

It's all fun and games until someone loses some teeth.

Comment by adashiel

I like throwing these things at people who are AFK. It's a fairly obscure item from a dungeon that's not run much anymore, so most have no idea what they are or where they came from. I rarely stick around to see my victims' reactions, but when I do it's always bewilderment. Sadly, few of them get the reference.

Comment by Colamisu

In 2.4 it was made no longer Unique(4).

Comment by Vaxor

tooth farys best friend...
before the candy came

Comment by Cenae

Perfect for throwing to your guildmate at a Vashj pull, right after they had to make bag space for a core.

Comment by Breanni

This is a reference to a classic (1990ish) Saturday Night Live commercial skit for "Happy Fun Ball" - view the skit here.

Comment by floube

Saturday night live* :-P

Comment by l0locaust

lol i got 1 of these no1 knew wer i got it sold 1 for 15g

Comment by Grindalwald

I wouldn't have remembered that reference on my own, but i do remember seeing the episode. Good times.

Comment by Farron

For those that wish to collect these sorts of throwing items, here are some others for you:

Voodoo Skull (ZA drop)
Heavy Leather Ball (LWing)
Paper Flying Machine (TCG reward)

Comment by Quarla

You actually can throw these to people of the opposite faction if you have a priest Mind Control them and then toss it at them. It was rather amusing actually tossing it between horde and alliance outside Shat one night.

Comment by Xinhuan

Interesting but often overlooked fact, this item only stacks to 4, not 5 or 10 or 20 as you might have expected.

Comment by lokyou

Let's have a super happy phun thyme!

Comment by Theovide

That link doesn't seem to be working anymore, not for me at least, so here is another one:

Comment by Gorgonnus

i had a friend named happy fun it was a rock of a happy face and it was fun, i played hop scotch with it i played toss with it i played decor a rock with it like every activity u can play with a rock, then i was throwing it on hard metal and it broke i cryed my rock is now sad-d boring rock with a sad-d face and a boring crack and i found aleather ball and it when over again, again i was happy like i was with my rocky

Comment by igrado

SNL : Happy Fun Ball - this video is hosted on

Comment by Hockee

Don't forget the Haunted Memento

But only toss it to close friends if you hope to ever get it thrown back, goes for 400g on my server.

Comment by Arikara

U forgot the paper \124h\124r");]zeppelin

Comment by gamerunknown

Not as fun playing this drunk in Saudi Arabia.

Comment by Epsilon7

does anybody here actually have a working link, that works now? and works for people in UK/great britan?

Comment by Lumorei

These are all of the warnings for Happy Fun Rock:

* The elderly and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to Happy Fun Rock.
* Caution: Happy Fun Rock may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.
* Happy Fun Rock contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at.
* Do not use Happy Fun Rock on concrete.
* Discontinue use of Happy Fun Rock if any of the following occurs:
- itching
- vertigo
- dizziness
- tingling in extremities
- loss of balance or coordination
- slurred speech
- temporary blindness
- profuse sweating
- heart palpitations
* If Happy Fun Rock begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.
* Happy Fun Rock may stick to certain types of skin.
* When not in use, Happy Fun Rock should be returned to its special container and kept under refrigeration.
* Ingredients of Happy Fun Rock include an unknown glowing green substance which fell to Azeroth, presumably from the Outlands.
* Happy Fun Rock has been shipped to our troops in Elwynn Forest and is being dropped by our wyverns on Stormwind.
* Do not taunt Happy Fun Rock.
* Happy Fun Rock comes with a soulbound warranty.

Happy Fun Rock. Accept No Substitutes!

Comment by Owiot

Side affects may include, but are not limited to: Burning, itching, bleeding, invisibility, and becoming a furbolg.

Comment by Gaant

For those brave warriors who battled the scourge invasion...

Note: No longer droppable, do not suggest throwing it as these are now rather rare and sell for quite a penny on the Auction House.

Comment by ZythocHuujin

Happy fun rock meal, full of rocky goodness!

Comment by khaltak

For a minuit there, i thought a safety inspector had posted that review!

Comment by speedywill

this item always reminds me of a question i ask myself everyday... Why doesn't anyone play wow for fun anymore no one can ever take a joke these times:(

Comment by gasolineinjected

Going for 7.5k on mine right now.

Comment by Berklar

This happy rock stacks to 4 instead of 5 or 10 like the majority of other stackable items, kind of odd.

Comment by Pheonixfire

This is one of those fun things that my guild does. We go into ally cities and play tag.

Comment by Sagentine

Warning! Do NOT throw Happy Fun Rock inside glass house, windows, or anything else considered fragile. Do not throw at face. If Happy Fun Rock comes in contact with eyes, seek medical help immediately.

Comment by error10

Note well if you're on a carebear server: Throwing this at a player who is flagged for PvP will flag you for PvP.

Comment by Hmmster

It's happy and funnier than your average rock or stone.

Comment by psurules98

Hi! I'm Troy McClure, aka Lionel Hutz, aka Miguel Sanchez, aka Dr. Nguyen Van Falk.

Comment by xmbits

Will it blend? :O

Comment by Kamaruka

I had two of these on my Death Knight some how and I put one on the auction house for 97k. It sold and I came to a really frustrated realization that auctioneer had set the bid price to 1s.

Comment by vindurza

traditionally played with by the mason's guild in stormwind

Comment by Paleona

Fellow Happy Fun Rock farmers: this item used to drop from the ogres outside of Dire Maul, but now drop only inside of Dire Maul North. Don't be like me and waste time killing the ones outside the instance!
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