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World of Warcraft Raidbots Updates Gear Compare, Improves Speed
October 2, 2017 – 11:03 am
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There’s some good news for Raidbots users regarding Gear Compare and overall processing speed. For anyone not familiar with Raidbots, they provide tools to World of Warcraft players looking to get the most out of their characters and equipment.

Raidbots developed Simbots, which uses the open-source SimulationCraft to tell you which stats are the best for your class in order to achieve the best DPS for your gear. You can also check potential stats and DPS with gear you don’t own, and swap items one by one to see which one will make a greater difference. SimulationCraft has extensive knowledge of all the boss fights, and can tell you the best abilities, burst combos, and CDs to use in order to maximize your potential.


According to the for you to compare whole sets of gear at once instead of placing all the pieces one by one. Raidbots has also added support for legendary items.

“I recently upgraded the Gear Compare page to handle sets of gear to make common tasks like comparing various legendary setups, set armor configuration, and trinket variations far easier.”

The trinket variation has had a few problems regarding visibility and accessibility, but that is a thing of the past now. Since players’ interest in Raidbots is rising, the server has been upgraded and is now faster, using a new 8 CPU virtual machine. And last but not least, the team has addressed several bugs, including a race condition bug that affected one in 200 users. This has been found and fixed.

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