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Leveling Guide: Experience Gains, RAF, Heirlooms, Gear Basics
July 16, 2017 – 01:46 pm
Leveling Guide: Experience Gains, RAF, Heirlooms, Gear Basics

on 2013-11-16T15:04:24-06:00

Nice guide, this is definitely a great spot to point new players towards... thanks for what you do, Wowhead!

Comment by Arraya

on 2013-11-16T15:45:41-06:00

Very nice guide. I'm the type of player that likes leveling up alts, so even if I don't recruit friends this is a nice thing to have (It's going to my Bookmarks!). Thanks for putting this up together Perculia! (b^_^)b

Comment by of game time."


Comment by Levarus

on 2013-11-16T16:08:01-06:00

Good for newbies, I thought it would talk more about questing from 85 - 90 though.

Comment by Ro0ni

on 2013-11-16T16:17:35-06:00

Thank you for the information about the changes in 5.4.
This guide might come handy if I have the chance to go back home and play again.

Comment by perculia

on 2013-11-16T16:51:41-06:00

Questing from 85-90 is pretty easy-however, there's a subset of BoAs for 85-90 and I have some MoP zone previews from beta...so I could see doing another guide specifically for the last five levels.

Comment by Haleighshine

on 2013-11-16T18:17:06-06:00"the veteran player gets one free mount of game time."

month* not that it really matters.

Comment by Darkhorizons

on 2013-11-17T00:42:38-06:00

Surprised not to see mention of using pet battles as a sub base of exp while leveling. Makes levels 80-85 a good deal easier, especially on PvP servers.

Comment by Zuji

on 2013-11-17T05:08:22-06:00

Uhm, I might have missed it, but did you mention rares and addons to detect those? A rare mob usually gives around ten times the kill xp than other mobs of his level.

Comment by mordif

on 2013-11-17T05:58:00-06:00

Does the recruitee need to purchase three months of game time or will a single two month card work for the recruiter to earn the full reward package?

on 2013-11-17T06:35:18-06:00

Experience is increased on Call to Honor weekends.

Which are no longer in the game...

Comment by NeuromanteGoblin

on 2013-11-17T07:45:45-06:00

Fun is really a very subjective thing. I had fun with my first two chars, but leveling all the rest until my tenth max level I have now I was fed up with questing and killing mobs, I leveled them through dungeons only.
Besides, nobody forces you to use all the XP boost mentioned in this guide. You can still go the old way and level without heirlooms doing quests in the appropriate zone.

on 2013-11-17T07:47:45-06:00

Rare mobs are now marked as a skull in the minimap. NPCscan is still very useful, but not essencial.

on 2013-11-17T10:45:17-06:00

Only rares on Pandaria are marked thusly, though. I was talking about rares in general.

Comment by NinjaLooterLoveU

on 2013-11-17T17:25:41-06:00

A guild member was asking today if there was a heirloom shield, so I zoomed down the list and /BLAM had the info. I needed tyvm! :)

Comment by Adamsm

on 2013-11-17T17:28:49-06:00

Wrath and Cata ones are marked with skulls now too.

Comment by leser

on 2013-11-17T22:16:41-06:00

Can you please add a section for:

Glorious and other rare locations, they give boat loads of exp, and not everyone knows rare spawn spots.

Is another man's treasure. These are rare "chest-like" items throught MoP that give an insane amount of exp, and give BoA items like 440-450 ivl items that help while leveling.

And the small scrolls throughout the zones that give you exp upon "reading." They also give rep, which helps later on with The Lorewalkers

Sorry if my information was redundent, I hadn't read through everything, just scanned.

Comment by Glorpin

on 2013-11-17T23:43:20-06:00

Nice guide, better than the one I put up :) Sweet link for players who want alts quickly.

Comment by lankybrit

on 2013-11-18T00:01:16-06:00

Very nice guide. Great for more inexperienced players.

Comment by Qoko

on 2013-11-18T03:40:48-06:00Just to point out that the Gear/Weapon (even Trinket) heirlooms in Cataclysm zones (lvl80-85) are usually a bit weaker than the quest rewards you get.

Also your heirlooms are going to be extremely weak at level 80 - since they are still in WotLK mode (unlike Cata quest rewards) and only "scale up" to Cata item levels at level 81 - my health and damage output TRIPLED once i got level 81, but going through level 80 in "WotLK heirlooms" has horrible.

Overall, as far as Cataclysm leveling goes, Heirloom's power lies in it's Experience bonus (my gear gives me +50% exp in total) - but you will be doing slightly less damage since your lvl81-85 Heirloom items are just not as strong as green/blue quest rewards..

To be honest, at 81 through 84 the heirlooms are rare quality items of their respective level. The difference ensues cause it is possible to get higher ilvl items fairly easy due to the shorter span of the levelling areas. This is usually limited to only a few possible items per area, and wouldn't really undervalue heirlooms as a whole. 80 to 81 is not exactly a new phenomena; I usually do take a few quest rewards as replacements for heirlooms (not the 232 from the initial vendors) to do more damage, but only a 1/3 through Hyjal I usually ding 81.

To add something from myself. During MoP levelling, I deem Forceful Hand of Justice to be kind of strong, even without the scaling, for classes that can pull a lot but lack sustained selfhealing. On my mage it didn't really help (squishy regardless), but on my prot pala and lock I found the 4% per kill to speed up chain group pulling with a minor risk of dying. The actual stat trinkets in MoP rarely benefit a main stat and are a minor upgrade otherwise.

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