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How to Buy and Sell Wow Gear With a Some Safety
February 25, 2017 – 02:11 pm
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Pin MeBlizzard does not encourage selling WoW gear outside of game. Neither does any other MMO publisher, but a person can still get in-game items by exchanging real cash for them if he knows how.

  • Real-World Trading - Buy WoW Gear

    World of Warcraft players can buy and sell items on the Internet. Blizzard offers some items such as pets and special offers on the main site. Other items are done through third-parties.

    When a person decides to pay real world money for items he buys in World of Warcraft, it is important to exercise caution. These services may not cheat their customers on the items, but they often expose a player's account to keylogers and hackers. Blizzer game masters can also cancel transactions in game that they suspect were involved in fraudulent activities.

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    Gold Selling

    When a person buys WoW items, gold is the most likely item sold. Game developers do what they can to negate the impact of gold selling in the game, but they have not stopped the farming sites entirely. The existence of gold sellers makes it possible to calculate an exchange rate between the United States dollar and the WoW gold coin.

  • Using Microtransactions

    The safest way to buy items your character can use in Azeroth is to buy the items directly from Blizzard. The items available through Blizzard directly include pets and mounts. Blizzard will not sell items that will impact game play greatly. Items for sale on World of Warcraft’s main site offer cosmetic items that do not increase a character’s combat or trade skill effectiveness.

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    Where to Buy WoW Items That Increase Effectiveness

    Smaller games make their money by selling items that increase a character’s overall effectiveness in the game. With a base of over 10 million subscribers, Blizzard is making most of its money through individual subscriptions. MMOs Games that rely on microtransactions are their primary source of income have a much smaller subscriber base rely on such credit card rely on selling in-game items as their primary income source.

  • Other Ways to Buy WoW Items

    A player who wants to buy items that increase his effectiveness in WoW will have to find other source, many of which are not legitimate. The safest place to buy WoW items, the popular auction site, Ebay, is not without risk. However, instead of dealing with a company that is looking to get around the rules, people selling on Ebay are looking for quick cash or to get out of the entirely.

    The auction house the tyipcial place to buy WoW gearAccounts, expensive items, and any item that can be traded gets sold on Ebay or sites designed to specifically to sell World of Warcraft gear. Private sellers are less likely to get access to someone’s account.

    When a player sells his World of Warcraft account, he should change his account password before the account pass hands. The buyer will need to know the former players login to take profession. If the seller is like other people, giving him the password may provide him access to many other online accounts that are not connected to online gaming.

  • Account Information Is Not Always Necessary When You Buy WoW Items

    If items in-game are just changing hands, account information does not typically need to change hands. A player moving one item from one account to another can use the in-game mail, as long as the transaction takes place on the same server. The buyer and seller must set up the agreement when the transaction takes place. Putting an item on the auction house for a ridiculous amount of gold is a tactic used by gold sellers to get gold to the intended recipient.

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