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Battlegear of Valor
March 23, 2022 – 08:27 am
Trial of Valor Plate Transmog Set, Demonology Hidden Artifact

This set is no longer available from dungeons, so don't try and farm Blackrock Spire for it. The only place it will be obtainable is from the new Darkmoon Faire, but will have no stats and exist purely for the purpose of transmog.

Comment by erictbar

If you have some or all of the heirlooms already, you can substitute them for transmog as well. Currently on the PTR, Heirlooms can be transmogified and then sent to an alt, and you will still be "wearing" it.

I know my Warrior and Paladin are going to be getting this set.

Edit: Though it appears the chestpiece may not be the same model, so either spend an extra couple days at the Faire or use the Heirloom, up to you.

Comment by AddictedPoi

Barum, an NPC vendor on the new Darkmoon Faire island, sells replica items for this set.
Not sure whether guild discounts apply to Darkmoon Prize Tickets
75 for Replica Breastplate of Valor
55 for Replica Boots of Valor
55 for Replica Gauntlets of Valor
75 for Replica Helm of Valor
75 for Replica Legplates of Valor
75 for Replica Spaulders of Valor
55 for Replica Belt of Valor
55 for Replica Bracers of Valor
520 Darkmoon Prize Tickets in total.
For transmog you don't need bracers because they are never visible.
You might have BOA armor already or it may be easier or cheaper to get. Sold for Justice Points and gold
2, 175 JP for Polished Breastplate of Valor
1, 500 gold for Polished Helm of Valor
2, 175 JP for Polished Spaulders of Valor

Comment by leet3lite

Don't forget that replica gear is BoE, so you can trade it on the AH or collect it with your alts to get a full transmog set much quicker.

Comment by Restorawr

Apart from the full silver/brown recolour, there are three pieces of green/pink recolour: Wildguard Breastplate, Wildguard Helm and Wildguard Leggings.

Comment by Quetzelcoatl

A shield that matches very well with this set is Light's Shield.

Comment by chinesewee

Arcanite Reaper HO!

Comment by Ripseh

Light's Shield is a great shield if you're a tank like me and want to use this for transmog.

Comment by SpiderX3m

Head, Shoulders, Legs, Chest is 75 Tickets per piece. 75x4=300 Tickets for these four.
Waist, Wrist, Boots, Gloves is 55 per piece. 55x4= 220 Tickets for these four.
Total= 520 tickets for the full set.

Alright lets say that you are doing all 5 dailies every day for 7 days (Nice tip: Darkmoon Fair Begins at 00:01 Realm Time, and the daily quests reset at 3 A.M. or 4 A.M. not sure, which means if you do the quests in 00:01 on Sunday the quests will reset and you will be able to do them again which means 8 days of dailies rather than 7)
So it is 5x7= 35 tickets from dailies only, or 5x8= 40 if you do the quests at 00:01.
Quest items: Remember they reset every month, so if you gather and complete all the quest items you will get:
Fallen Adventurer's Journal - 5 Tickets
Mysterious Grimoire - 10 Tickets
Banner of the Fallen - 5 Tickets
Captured Insignia - 5 Tickets
Monstrous Egg - 10 Tickets
A Treatise on Strategy - 15 Tickets
Ornate Weapon - 10 Tickets
Soothsayer's Runes - 10 Tickets
Imbued Crystal - 10 Tickets
Total = 80
Completing the dailies and items quests should bring you around 115 Tickets per month or 120 if you camp them at midnight.
Which means that you would need around 4-5 months to complete the full set!
Hope this guide is helpful, feel free to edit, or add something that I have overlooked
Do not forget the heirloom items!

Comment by Niati

I wonder is it any good cloak to this set?

Comment by hurtado64

Forgot the new BoA Leg on legs!

Comment by Lilwiz

If you're a holy paladin i strongly recommend to use this set with the following items.

Vageries of Time From Morchok Heroic (First boss in Dragon Soul).
Vengeful Gladiator's Lamellar Helm Sold by Kezzik the Striker in Area 52 in Netherstorm for 1000 honor.
Sunward Crest Shattered Sun Offensive (Exalted) sold by Eldara Dawnrunner in Isle of Quel'danas.
Tabard of the Shattered Sun also Shattered Sun Offensive (Exalted) sold by Eldara Dawnrunner in Isle of Quel'danas.
Legplates of Regal Reinforcement From Grand Empress Shek'zeer Normal (Last boss in Heart of Fear).

Comment by LinaC

As far as Transmogrification goes a good match for one-handed weapons is the Infection Repulser especially now that you can mog swords and maces with each other. As a shield the King's Bulwark is a good match for Alliance players but its color appears a bit more dull and 'muted' in game. Whereas Sunward Crest matches the yellow part of the armor perfectly but has some blue on it as well.

Comment by majabitan

If you are using a 1h sword or dual wielding 1h swords, The Willbreaker looks great with this set.

Comment by Merkilan

I like using the Ash Feather Cloak with this set, it looks less regal and more like a working soldier's cloak.

Comment by lazabar

a weapon i think goes well with this, for warrior atleast, is Ghostly Battle Axe dual wield.

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