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Team Optimizer
August 26, 2020 – 08:23 am
Dugi Gear Advisor (Beta) | Dugi Guides™


  • See how optimized the entire team is, on one screen
  • See how close everyone is to their BiS
  • Check the entire team’s iLevel
  • Rank items for each player, showing the % upgrade
  • When ranking loot, see what item is currently equipped for each player


Load the Team Optimizer from the main “World of Warcraft” Menu on our site. It’s the 4th option. And get the addon from Curse.

The loot master, preferrably, so you can use the addon to give loot to people. And anyone who wants to see the rankings in-game, will also need the addon.

The Team Optimizer loot rankings that Mr. Robot does on his site is a premium feature, and only ONE person on the team needs premium. Once that person ranks loot and sends to to the addon, EVERYONE with the addon (which is free) can see the rankings. Mr. Robot likes sharing, and wants you to share too 🙂 Mr. Robot isn’t trying to become a Billionaire, he’s just trying to make sure the 3 humans working on his site make enough money to pay for servers, play video games, and eat food! One price, $1 a month, for ALL features Premium also gets you:

  • Best in Bags (#1 most loved feature)
  • Upgrade finder
  • Bonus Roll Helper
  • And of course, the Team Optimizer

(FYI: the optimizer for gems and enchants, and all combat log features are free).
As always, theorycrafters, podcasters and bloggers get premium for free. Just send us your AMR username and a link to your stuff 🙂 It’s the least we can do for all of the hard work you put into the community.

Upload your logs to see how your team is doing, with infographics! If players have our addon, we also track their gear, talents and glyphs on each pull. So when people win those items and equip them for the next boss, we track that in all of our data and rankings. Speaking of logs, if you want to know more about how you are scored, we have a guide for you. Don’t worry, there are lots of pictures and not much math!

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