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Bones of Transformation
July 31, 2017 – 09:07 am
World Of Warcraft - Faded Wizard Hat + 3 Achievements Pt2 - YouTube
Transforms you into a Naga for 20(?) god damn seconds?
Does Slizzard have any special reason why to wreck every each damned item that could be used in RP with duration and cooldown timers? Beyond the fact that they are retarded i mean.

But aside of that, 20 seconds? F*** it will be npcd to the first freaking vendor.

Comment by B3y0nd

Coolest item I've come across yet, the Naga you transform into is positively huge, it's very noticable and I get lots of comments about it.

Comment by bjornheimer

I got this item today and to my huge disappointment you can't even dance in naga form!

Comment by DG2020

Can't quite understand why you can only stay in this form for 20 seconds on such a long cooldown. I would have preferred a minute at least.

Comment by Neithy

Works with Potion of Illusion, you can cast and lasts 2 min.

Comment by Nananea

I don't understand why they didn't keep gender differences, I want to be a female naga :(

Comment by clavarnway

Archaeology gave them the perfect opportunity to just go crazy and add all the cool items they always dreamed of, and they instead add a 20 second illusion buff on a 10 minute cooldown that breaks on doing anything?

Comment by thermalnoise

I received 15 skill points solving for this artifact. (475 to 490)

Comment by Baluki

This is pretty cool, but I'd love to be able to use it in combat occasionally, like a new version of Noggenfogger's.

Comment by comfortabull

If you also have the Highborne Soul Mirror you can have your reflection be a naga after you transform.

Comment by rahxephon52

I was disappointing when I was going for Zinrokh, so I solved some of my other stuff to see if I'll get anything. And wala! got this bad ass transmutation bone.. thing.. yay!

Comment by sicknessinside

Finally finished the Bones last night. Confirming the ability to use the size-altering Noggenfogger buff(not nearly as small as I'd hoped), Path of Cenarius, and Winterfall Firewater(Definitely bigger). The dancing buff from the Piccolo of the Flaming Fire fades when you use the Bones, however.
The Orb of Sin'dorei and/or Pygmy Oil doesn't seem to affect the gender, so I'm going to agree with Kinka and assume it's a specific Naz'jar Honor Guard.

I popped the Bones as I was underwater, just outside of Silver Tide Hollow(without Sea Legs), and the Naz'jar definitely at least does the animation of the swimming Naga, which even though there is no side buff(underwater breathing or speed increase), is still ultra awesome.

One heck of a cool item though, especially for those of us who enjoy the elf lore :)

Comment by Andersson3

If you are a worgen. Go to human form, use the Bones of Transformation then enter combat. It will make you a freak-looking human and allows you to fight as a human.
For other people exept for people who were around you will see you as a Worgen.

And yeah you can go Wild Running as human. :) It's awesome.

You will also sound as a worgen.

Comment by Fyrite

I would love to see this as a trinket, that can be turned on/off with a GCD, and do the following.

Allow naga transformation in combat.

Allow spells, abilities, skills and items to be used in naga form.

Have bonuses to swim speed, with underwater breathing.

Allow "friendly" interaction with all naga, unless you're seen shape shifting into a naga.

Hell, throw in rep quests as well, give people a reason to pick up archaeology.

if nothing else, for the love of all that's unholy, remove that god damn 20sec uptime 10min CD! 10min uptime, 20min CD, sure! FINE! 20 sec is just ridiculous.

Comment by Gvaz

If you could use this in combat like the Iron Boot Flask I would love it.

However, as it is now it's pretty bad.

Comment by Mantrhax

well, 99% of archeology items are worthless junk

Comment by VampKnight

If I missed a post on this I am sorry but wanted to add a note of you can't use in combat, and combat breaks the "shapeshift"

Edit: I just noticed this but this changes your over the head name to Naz'Jar Honor Guard . Doesn't change the name on your icon in top left and I don't know if it changes your /target

Comment by mark211175

It really ennoys me, how i only get the crappy epics after doning archology since Cataclisme came out:(
I have 9 rare items now and still no usefull item.

Comment by realmekk

another typical blizzard garbage grinding gadget to waste peoples time

Comment by Nekrotik

I'm guessing they gave this a very short uptime because to do anything while transformed, they would have had to animate a bunch of new actions and emotes that naga don't already have. There are only a few naga models. They can "walk", swim, attack, and die, and that's about it. This also explains why doing pretty much anything besides moving around breaks the buff.

Comment by Jaloppy

24th Rare/Epic Solved

Common's Solved:
135 Dwarf
7 Draenei
90 Fossil
43 Night Elf
11 Nerubian
8 Orc
8 Tol'Vir
178 Troll
21 Vrykul

Happy Hunting!

Comment by Kibaikasu

Apparently, all nagas look alike...

Comment by Heartblossom

Na na na Nagaman!

Comment by Beelzabeth

Here's what I noticed.. if you use the bones (as a female) you turn into the male naga. If you immediately use the Orb of the Sin'dorei afterwards it changes you into a male blood elf if you are a female normally. Same with the Orb of Deception. I am a female goblin, i used the bones, then the orb of deception and it turned me into a male worgen XD

Found this out by mistake while clowning around in Tol Barad.


Comment by Leishai

I made a list of gimmick items which you can use to transform your character into a different form or race or even gender to play around with. I didn't add items like weapons that provide a procc with a transform effect that only lasts a few seconds even though I know about them. My intention was to list all items with controlable transformations. Feel free to let me know if I missed an item!
I want to thank all the people below my lists who pointed out items I missed! This list grows thanks to your effort as well! Thanks guys, you're great!

The following items you cannot get anymore. Only to complete the list.

Comment by Kalx

Best thing about this item?
If you backpedal while having the buff, and remove it while backpedalling, you'll moonwalk.

Comment by Nikeyeia

In addition to a duration increase, I'd really like to see a jump animation. Stand animation midair looks weird, to say the least.

Comment by Subaki

Just as a note for DKs, if you have boneshield active when you use this item you will transform and be a Naga with a boneshield :D just a little something to give you an edge on all those other nagas

Comment by GingerSwagga

And to think I broke out my, "Air Jordans" just to transform back before I could put them on..

Comment by Fist

Trying using this item, then Vrykul Drinking Horn.

Comment by Aapalahti

If you play as a monk make sure you do not roll while the effect of this item is active. Rolling will remove the effect.

Comment by Uberphailure

Just a question, can anybody test if using your Ai-Li's Skymirror on yourself when this transformation occurs will Skymirror you as a Naga?

Comment by Telar

Hey Guys,

I created a video guide which shows you how to farm the toy - Here is the link:

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Sincerely Telar

Comment by moblinman

As of 6.1 this now lasts two minutes, up from 20 seconds.

Comment by Tsukoyomi

Bones of Transformation + Worgen's Running Wild = hilarity ensues.

Also, any Arrakoa transformation + Worgen's Running Wild = baby worgen being carried around by mama birdy.

Have fun, kids. :3

Comment by Shaoz0r

An interesting fact is that the item now changes the race in the mouseover tooltip to Naga for the duration of the effect. So, if you're a level 100 Death Knight using this item the tooltip would say Level 100 Naga Death Knight.

Comment by ImbaHunter

Visual effect of toy.
Night Elf:
Full video -

Other toys of archeology

Night Elf:
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