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Legion Engineering Guide
August 28, 2018 – 01:58 pm
WoW Archivist: An ultrasafe history of engineering
I'm still trying to figure out how to get the hearty feasts at 102. I've played on the beta for a few months and never got the recipe for it even once I got to 110. Not to mention it requires a reagent you need to be 110 to get and the quest is green by then.

So, expect to pay a small fortune for them on the AH or plan to not have most of these quests done at 110.

Comment by cgilm2526

I know its not the most useful profession, but I just love Engineering. Just the tooltips make me laugh:
Legion Engineering:
Allows an engineer to make bombs and gizmos that very often work as intended up to a maximum potential skill of 800.
Very often work? LOL I know its not the most useful profession, but I just love Engineering. Just the tooltips make me laugh:
Legion Engineering:
Allows an engineer to make bombs and gizmos that very often work as intended up to a maximum potential skill of 800.
Very often work? LOL I know its not the most useful profession, but I just love Engineering. Just the tooltips make me laugh:
Legion Engineering:
Allows an engineer to make bombs and gizmos that very often work as intended up to a maximum potential skill of 800.
Very often work? LOL

Comment by Eremal

You say the Rank 2 Schematic for the Cranial Cannons are sold by Fargo Flintlocke in Aszuna. When trying to find him at the linked location (65, 24) he's not there. I also checked the Stormheim location and he doesnt sell anything.

Could you be more specific on where the vendor is?

Comment by Benegesserit

Helm seems crappy when you get a free one at this ilvl from your class hall

Comment by SinfonianOAEU

My Engineering skill is currently at 780/800, and all of my learned and unlearned Legion schematics are grey and not showing any potential for skill-ups. The only remaining Legion Engineering quest I have is Revamping the Recoil, as I don't yet have the rep necessary to access the Court of Stars.

Does the final quest give profession skill, or am I missing something?

Edit: I now have a 3rd rank goggle schematic, and it's showing yellow for skill-ups. Still a long road to 800 skill, but at least possible.

Comment by peepjynx

Are any recipes yellow after 770? Or do I have to hope that spamming gunpowder charge will still green til 800?

Comment by DraconSteel

The snack module thankfully no longer needs hearty feasts to craft. Just 80 felslate, 20 big gamy ribs, 20 wildfowl eggs, 20 highmount salmon, and 20 black barracuda

Comment by S7anP

I am extremely disappointed in Legion's Engineering. Several things to note:

1) Thank god they hotfixed the Hearty Feast thing, but I lost my Reaves Battery schematic in the process. Got it back, when I used the Forgotten Schematics of the Broken Isles item.

2) Completed the Cheating Death quest, but never learned Reaves Module: Wormhole Generator Schematic. Many ppl report they've fished it from Black Barracuda pools, but I haven't been able to fish it so far, after 2 hours fishing (might need to be more persistent I guess.)

3) Reaves' Failure Detection Mode - so does this ress ppl after failing an encounter, or does it turn into a mailbox, as it says on the description? When I finally got Reaves into that mode, it turned into a mailbox, but more like a antena- like devise, that cannot be clicked on.

4) Quest for the 815 ilvl cannon head pieces - it needs you to collect items from a Mythic dungeon (Court of Stars), which is pretty much reputation locked, because you need to be 8/12k revered with the Nightfallen to unlock the questchain.

I am very sorry for the rambling and maybe not building this posting properly, but I am so frustrated with those and some other Engineering issues, not listed here. I solved some of them on my own, because Blizzard estimated time to answer my tickets averages between 3 and 5 days. I've been maining an Engineer for several years now.

Anyone that has run into similar issues, please report and comment. So far I was unable to find a solution online for the problem with missing schematics, that I have completed the quests for. I'll be thankful to any solution you may have!

Comment by Ravendax

I don't know then they changed it but the snack module no longer requires the Hearty Feast, instead it is 20 each of big gamey ribs, wildfowl eggs, High mountain Salmon, and Black Barracuda. Makes it easier instead on waiting on Nomi to random it out, or buying them from the AH.

Comment by Graysmith

The questline section is missing the Fargo Flintlocke quests in Val'sharah: Resupplying the Line, In My Sights and All Charged Up. You have to complete these to unlock the level 104 quests.

Comment by Evenuel

Modular Modifications now requires different mats, please update the guide! Spell itself isn't updated too.. Reaves Module: Snack Distribution Mode

Comment by RedLetters

If you are having trouble getting a quest from Didi the Wrench:

Make sure you are current on all your Fargo Flintlocke quests. I couldn't pick up from Didi, and it was because I hadn't picked up Fargo's recent quests. Found him in Val'Sharah at 60/62 to continue the engineering questline.

Comment by ThompsenHunter

I still hear the debate about the "Usefulness" of the Engineering profession. It may not make a lot of gold, but most gold making professions are exhausted after the first couple months. I argue that Engineering is consistently useful.

Useful? I have done literally every profession. After WotLK I dropped most of them, but I won’t digress.

I always kept engineering because it IS the most useful! Many of the items I use, I have carried with me since WotLK, like PORTALS: Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station Wormhole Generator: Northrend Wormhole Generator: Pandaria Wormhole Centrifuge.

I still use the permanent Goblin Glider tinker and my "Skyterror" Personal Delivery System and XD-57 "Bullseye" Guided Rocket Kit and Gnomish Gravity Well, to get around in Legion, I got EVERY flight path in the first 2 days!

I also used the above engineering gadgets to get to very hard to reach rares and treasures.

And when fellow dungeoners or raiders cry “I need to sell stuff!” or “I need to repair stuff!” or “Wish I had a mailbox!”, guess who always comes to the rescue with Jeeves or MOLL-E and now Reaves Reaves Battery? As an engineer, I can also use Jeeves anywhere to access my bank!

In addition to all that, as if that wasn’t enough… I still use those and Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife and Loot-A-Rang everyday!

Sometimes I go back to old areas to farm old mats for cool old recipes, so I kept my Zapthrottle Mote Extractor and Electrostatic Condenser.

Let’s talk about mounts… the coolest motorcycle mount I made for myself and friends Mekgineer's Chopper, as well as Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine and Geosynchronous World Spinner and Depleted-Kyparium Rocket and Sky Golem.

Also worth mention were all of the great gear items, head pieces and weapons that were awesome at the time and still make great transmogs, one of my favorites for Shamans and Paladins is Force Reactive Disk

Useful? I should say so. Anyone who starts engineering today, from level zero, can still tap into all these things, and the portals, mailbox and other gadgets are now toys, so you make them once and share them with all your engineers.

And there IS an AH in Dalaran and Pandaria….. but only for engineers!

Comment by mshep02

Day one of 7.1.5: Where are the new recipes? The new quest isn't obvious either. Anyone know yet?

Comment by JohnEP

Didi the Wrench quests for Reeves are serial and you cannot have more than one at a time. You must do them in order. Looks like the quest chain is
Endless Possibilities
Always the last thing
Module modification
Here comes the BOOM
Assault on Violet Hold
Short Circuit
Its on with Automatons

Comment by jecabreradc

Reaves Module: Wormhole Generator Mode - Clarification

The Quest "Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey from Fargo Flintlocke" only awards you with the "Intra Dalaran wormhole generator" which is more a vanity thing.

The guide needs updating: the new wormhole generator is done through Reeves the robot. To get it you have to (i thought i was being trollled because it contradicts the guide and its a weird unrelated action, but tried it anyway as a last resort) so credits to "By nirv (13, 598 – 2·21·87) on 2016/09/12 (Patch 7.0.1)" .

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