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talchas/wow-parser: Wow combat log parser
July 25, 2017 – 07:58 am
Molten core legendary weapon

Start and end are optional and are measured in seconds from the start of the log (start and length values are printed for each boss in the log).

How the analyzer works

This analyzer works by computing the weighted average of effective healing done by the number of mastery stacks on the target at the time of healing, using the amount of healing that would have been done if there was no mastery, and only including healing that is affected by mastery at all. This is the appropriate value to use for computation of mastery stat weights.

This analyzer also provides some other values that are useful for determining stat weights or the benefit of gear/talents (some of which are also easily determined from

scale_mastery_frac: the average number of stacks of mastery (weighted by no-mastery healing done) scale_living_seed: the fraction of heals affected by LS (normalized as if no heals crit) scale_regrowth: the fraction of healing from regrowth (normalized as if no heals crit) scale_tranq: the fraction of healing from tranquility scale_rejuv: the fraction of healing from rejuv

scale_2pc: the fraction of your healing that benefited from the 2pc scale_2pc_added: the fraction of your healing that was provided by the 2pc scale_cult: the fraction of your healing that benefited from cultivation


To compute these values the parser needs to know your current mastery at all times. Wow provides the mastery value at the start of each boss encounter, but not changes due to procs during a fight. This analyzer handles the Astral Warden 2pc set bonus correctly, but does not handle any trinket procs, which will result in slightly overvaluing mastery during said procs. Missing the 2pc bonus resulted in less than a 2% incorrect increase in mastery's weight, so I'm not too worried.

In addition, this tool assumes that healing trinkets/enchants that scale with some of int/vers/haste/crit, but not mastery are handled elsewhere (Torty's spreadsheet does this for ancient priestess), and ignores their healing for mastery computation. Ysera's gift and prydaz are correctly handled this way, unless you're actually comparing your stamina stat weight. It also ignores leech, because I have not tested its scaling, and it would be a complete pain to deal with.

The analyzer assumes that the number of stacks of mastery when a living seed goes off is the same as the number that existed when it was created. The alternative would be to correctly measure that, but have no idea about its overheal (or being replaced/falling off) amounts, and having to parse the number of ranks of +Living seed you have.

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