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July 29, 2018 – 01:56 pm
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It's SO MUCH FUN to Mix & Match your WOW CUP colors! Create your own colorful WOW Cup at home today!

The Wow Cup for kids and their parts come in 6 bright colors. When you buy mutliple Wow Cups you can mix and match the parts to create colorful combinations of cups.

The Freshness Llids and additional valves can be purchased to also create more color variety. See our accessories and the Wow Kids cups for color options.

Not only is the WOW Cup safe and healthy cup for kids to drink from, it's lots of fun.

The Wow Cup for kids is great for use at home, school and on-the-go.Mix & Match cup colors Show your friends and family your creative side by creating a colorful Wow Cup.

Our many color options also allows you to dedicate a specific colored cup to each person in your family. So, whether you have lots of kids at home or if you are looking for a great personalized cup solution for after school programs, pre-school or day care, the Wow Cup is a healthy and fun choice.

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