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How does gear in PvP work now/legion?
December 19, 2021 – 10:17 am
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The information isn't conflicting. It's all true. Gear stats in instanced PvP don't matter anymore only ilvls contribute. Players can get gear as PvP rewards or from Raiding. ilvls over 800 will increase the amount of stats you get from that by 0.1%
Finally! Someone with a formula! Thxs!

So lvl 100+ instanced PvP is going to have 1% every 10 ilvls. Sounds steep. I would have thought more like 1% every 20-50 ilvls.

Highest armor on WoWhead under 110 is ilvl 810. So 109 twinks might have 1%. That doesn't sound too bad.

Then ilvl is mostly going to apply to 110 instanced PvP. Epics on WoWhead range from ilvl 840 to 875 (difference of 35 or 3.5%). Legendaries are ilvl 895. (5.5%) Obviously that gap can grow quite a bit if you are undergeared at level cap and as additional patches with more raids are added to the expansion.

For openworld PvP, your gear is your gear ilvl notwithstanding so get the best you can either from PvP or Raids.

I'm a bit concerned about gear acquisition since the drop rate on those epics were pretty low. I hope Blizz isn't introducing insane grind (more than already) to gear up.

Also, don't forget PvP Talents. Those will work in openworld PvP if Blizz hasn't changed their minds on it. They might also be only available at level cap. Not sure.

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