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Best in Bags & Upgrade Finder
June 7, 2017 – 11:13 am
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Here’s a super fast video tutorial that walks you through the best ways to find new gear, as well as making sure you have the best items equipped from the stash you already own.

Best in Bags Super Tip!

As we add more boss scripts, do Best in Bags for each one, or at least each type of fight. For example, select the ursoc weights for single target fights, to find the best single-target gear and trinkets. Then select the Mythic+ weights for AoE type fights to make sure you have the best gear for that too.

What is Best in Bags?

As you’ve leveled up and been running mythic dungeons, you’ve accumulated a lot of gear. Is that 850 warforged item better than an 840 you have with your best stats? Which trinkets should you be using? How much does a socket on an item improve it?

Best in Bags answers all of those things. Mr. Robot looks at all of the gear you currently own, evaluates it, and tells you what to equip.

Upgrade Finder

While “Best in Bags” helps evaluate your current gear, the Upgrade Finder helps you identify the best new gear that you could get. It answers things like:

  • Which bosses have the best upgrades?
  • What dungeons still have upgrades for me?
  • Where should I spend my bonus rolls?
  • If I get titanforged or socketed items, are they better than what I currently have?
  • What are the best legendaries?

And the list keeps going!

Picture Tutorial

Click the image for a larger view. Then hover over the image for the zoom icon to make it even bigger.


Smart Mode

You’ll see the ‘Smart Mode’ option in the upgrade finder. This takes possible warforged, titanforged, and socketed items into account. If a regular version of an item is NOT better for you, Mr. Robot upgrades it until it IS better for you.

If an item gets upgraded, you can see the chance of getting that upgrade in the list. He’ll tell you if there’s a high chance (like +5 or +10 ilevels), a medium chance, low, very low, and almost zero (like +50!).

You can turn this mode on or off depending on what you want to see.

Free Trials & Upgrading

All new users get a free trial so that you can Try before you Buy. The trial starts when you click on one of the premium features. No credit card is ever asked for. No tricks. No marketing emails. Nothing! We treat you like WE want to be treated.

If you like the features enough to upgrade, it’s just $1 a month (when paying annually) or $2 a month if paying monthly.

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