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February 1, 2017 – 05:51 pm
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Charged Gear of the Tiger has +7agi and +6str not the other way around.

Comment by Sgtown

Wow, increased stats on these make them pretty ridiculous.

6 agi/3 stam was the 2nd best ring (besides BG ring) for my 29 hunter, now you can get of the monkey charged gears that are 7 agi/7 stam. o.O

Time to farm Gnomeregan. :O

Comment by sbp123

This has become the best (or the 2nd best, depends how high u rate Deadman's hand epic thingie) twink ring for most classes within level 20-29 bracket.

Additionally, as it is not unique, you can have 2 - sweet!

Now, I am trying to farm 2 Charged Gears of the Monkey since the 2.3 was released (doin approx 5 runs per day), so far I've got one. Big question is - altho I have seen loads of Tiger, Bear, Owl, Eagle etc Gears so far, all of them were +6 stat 1 and +7 stat 2 (or vice versa). I have not seen a single +7 +7 or +6 +6 one. Do they exist? (And why is the spawn rate of +7 +7 so low that I have seen none in like 30+ gears I managed to spawn so far)

Thx for your replies! :)

Comment by Nexwave

Also another very good ring for all 29 twink classes is the Epic Deadman's Hand 10sta and has a chance on melee range and spell hit to freeze an attacker for 3sec

Drops in Sm Lib i think from arcanist Doan
3-14% drop chance
Higher lvls have a less chance to proc on
it is unique tho
All of this is a summary of the posts on that page so just to let you know.

Comment by wsilcott

Most would say that the best chant for any melee 29 twink would be monkey with 7/7, but have I have my own belief which is a little bit different. My 29 druid twink (IronSpider) is coming along nicely, and i am looking to get 2 of these, with both ...of eluding chants.

Its insane!

12 dodge, 5 agi x2= 24 dodge and 10 agi
agi already increases dodge as well, but i havent run the numbers to see what 10 agi will do at 29, however, if u combine this with the Wolfmaster Cape (5agi, 6 dodge rating) that has a 12 dodge rating chant on it, you can have another 18 dodge and 5 more agi, so, to total it all: +42 dodge, 15 agi, i am estimating that you could easily get over 60% dodge at 29, and for a melee, w/o sacrificing life, that is amazing.

Comment by lucyen

An enchantment not listed here is "of frost resistance" which has +14 frost resist. I had it drop while I was farming for an "of the monkey" ring and I was surprised that there is no mention of it here. To give you an idea of the drop rate it dropped in 10-15 runs.

Also, a handy tip for farming this for twinks. If you have a level 70 hunter, just have the pet do all the killing (except for boss) and no one gets any XP. Just put the twink on auto-follow and grind your way to Mekgineer Thermaplug. I averaged 20 minutes per run, including the time to run back to entrance and reset instance.

While you're at it, its useful to make a macro "/target Dark Iron Ambassador" and spam it in the last tunnel before the boss. He's rare spawn that drops some nice twink leather bracers with random enchants.

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