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October 1, 2019 – 07:04 am
Warlords item compare tooltip makes it easier to compare 2h

Compare equipped inventory items against items in any other frames, including but not limited to quest and log, bags and bank, crafts, chat hyperlinks, and even other mods.


  • Mouseover any equippable item button (eg. in containers, banks, quests, etc.) or chat hyperlink (GameTooltip will popup) to compare your current equipment.
  • Tooltips will try to stay within screen boundaries.
  • Icons accompany tooltips.
  • Lightweight (only about 10kB) and no dependencies nor extraneous code.


  • If you want to hide comparisons unless Control key is down, then type this into chat

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hidecompare=1

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hidecompare=nil

  • If you want to hide icons unless Alt key is down, type this

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hideicon=1

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hideicon=nil

  • If you want to hide tooltips when mousing over chat hyperlinks, type this

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hidelinkenter=1

/script QuickCompare_VARS.hidelinkenter=nil

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