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Welcome to Ashran in Legion level 110
August 18, 2017 – 02:00 pm
June | 2011 | Cynwise s Warcraft Manual

Ashran is still available and people can still play in Legion, currently the queues are long because people are still levelling and exploring Legion, you have to be level 110 to queue up in Ashran.

Ashran Forum is no longer available, so all the ashranars have moved to the BG forum including my self!

What you get out of Ashran?

** One of the fastest way to farm HKS which can give you Blood Thirsty Title! 250, 000 kills!
Ashran is a 40 v 40!

** Get ur Warlord of Draenor titles - Ashran is the only place to farm this title!

** Get ur Rep up with Wrynn's Vanguard/Vol'jin's Spear

** One of the fastest way to open up you're Honor Talents by farming in Ashran by farming Honourable kills. It is so fast, that it will blow up you're mind!

** World Quests are now available inside Ashran

** Marks of Honor - 100% as a reward, unlike BGS you may get it and sometimes you wont.

** Boxes from each event and boss kills the quest ''Ashran Dominance '' - This will give you gold and gear!

** Bonus Objectives - Gives you extra Gold 40-50g per Bonus objective

** When you finish Ashran Dominance Quest which requires you to win 4 events and 1 boss kill - This will give you 100% marks of Honor, Gear and gold!

** Slay Them All quest - Killing 200 players - Reward gives you boxes and gold, this quest is now repeatable and every 15-20 minutes you will have a new quest which can give you gold and gear which you can vendor or use.

** Best PvP gold farming in the game, I personally used to farm 15-20k a day in Ashran when I needed gold and that was the only way I used to earn gold in WoD.

** Ashran is a great place if you run a large PvP Guild and like to have Premade Vs Premade, and many large guilds had a great time in Ashran!

** Ashran is not a regular BG where you just try to cap a flag or defend a flag almost every BG is the same and they all have flags in it, Ashran is a unique BG which has unique events

** Ashran is a battle zone for premade vs premade action! Fast queues, easy to find another premade if you set one up.

Ashran is a unique Hydrid PvP which allows you to use excellent toys for PvP combat including FrostWyrmns, Beasts and Healing Dragons to aid you in battle.

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Blizzard has nerfed honor two times now for everything, below is the updated honor for Ashran

1000 Fragments, you get 500 honor
150 per event = 600 honor
4 world quests should give you around 400 honor
When you finish ur Domination quest = you get 500 honor
Slay them all - Get 200 kills - you are awarded 200 honor. This quest is also repeatable, and a new quest starts every 15-20 minutes which gives you 600-800 honor per hour.

We are looking at 2800+ honor per hour. that is 3 levels if u are above 25 or 3-5 if you are under 25 honor level.

Ashran was one of the best places to farm honor, gear in wod, and is still the fastest way to level up ur honor talents and remains a zone for premades to stomp eachother for Glory.

Ashran gives you 100% guaranteed marks of honor

Patch 7.1 update
Raid frames are fixed, people can now see roles
Maps are fixed
Engineering toys & Books work in ashran, others things seem disabled for now.
Ashran is the best place for premade vs premade and pretty easy to organize between alliance vs horde guilds.
Queue times have gone upto 30-45 minutes in a normal ashran it will hopefully come back down
Instant queues for premade vs premade Ashran

So what's happening now?

Everyone is excited about legion, leveling, farming and exploring legion so the queues are really long at this time, this will improve with time once people are settled.

[b]This is what you have to do

** When you queue up, we suggest you queue up with friends to reduce queue times and to avoid seeing timers. If you do see a 5 minute timer (game will end message) you wait it out and do not leave ashran, and it generally fills up the timer is reset as people join in.

** If you enjoy ashran and run a guild, get in touch! Horde/Alliance - Both are welcome to contact to help restart Ashran In Legion again and start getting in some Premade Vs Premade again.

In the coming time period when people are settled and want to PvP those people who enjoyed Ashran PvP are most likely to go back there again!

We will be setting Ashran events between Horde / Alliance guilds to get Ashran going!

So if you like Ashran, Queue up to help out with the queuing process and continue ur questing adventures in Legion!

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