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Nighthold Recommended Talents and Gear Builds for Prot Warriors
June 3, 2019 – 12:08 pm
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Haste 30% > Mastery > Versatility > Critical strike


Pretty much anything goes here, since your rank hungry DDs will tumble over each other to kill off the adds. You can always just run the boss tank build to help with bursting down the boss. As add tank you will be taking slightly higher physical over magical damage. Your job here is to pick up the adds quickly and bring them close to the boss. They will be stunned for the majority of their life and then die shortly after. With this being the first boss you can mix and match and experiment with your talents. Try to find the setup that works best for your raid group.

For high uptime on boss

For burst during increased damage window

Versatility > Mastery > Haste > Critical strike

The melee white hits (physical) will account for anywhere between 20%-40% of your damage taken. Everything else will be magic damage. There are frequent tank swaps and the slow and fast time mechanics devalue haste. Depending on when you pick up orb you might be taking even more magic dmg.

For spike (slash) damage mitigation

Anywhere between 30%-40% of the incoming damage will be from physical melee hits. With frequent tank swaps and the odd NF you will be able to block all swings. What matters here is mitigating his slash.


70%+ of the incoming damage is physical and blockable including the heavy hitting annihilate. Max SB uptime is desirable in addition to utilizing NF to counter Annihilates.

Predominantly magical damage, the few melee attacks you receive don’t do much. The stacking DoT on the other hand… There is almost no reason to press SB.

Entirely magical damage. The adds in P3 are negligible. The damage from comets is blockable so make sure to have SB for that. A case can be made for indomitable if you find you are away from the boss too often to utilize devastator.

70%+ of the incoming damage is physical and blockable melee attacks with no single ability hitting for more than 800k. Max SB uptime is desirable. indomitable is a valid option during progression. All tier 3 and 4 talents are viable and will only slightly change your playstyle. Which one you should choose will be covered in the dedicated guide and is based on personal preference and raid composition.

60%+ of the incoming damage is physical and blockable. Max SB uptime is desirable. If you keep the constant melee damage low, healers will have an easier time to heal you up after the magic bursts.

Anywhere between 40%-60% of the incoming damage will be from blockable melee hits. However, they do not hit hard by themselves and carefully coordinated SB will eliminate the need for HR and haste stacking. indomitable is a valid option during progression as there are several abilities that will deal 1m+ dmg per hit.

Melee hits will account for 50%-60% of the incoming damage. If you focus on maximizing SB uptime your health will be dropping less, allowing your healers to keep your HP relatively high for the incoming damage spikes. If you prefer faster cooldown resets you will reduce spike damage from scythe and breaking bonds, but will be taking higher damage melee swings.

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